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The iV Cloud service takes a different approach and takes advantage of recent advances in technology to provide instant access to important applications using current best practice methodology.

Applications sit on the iV Cloud in fully managed, secure Data Centres, and the central provision, licensing and updating of Windows 7 based applications, primarily Office 2010, is managed by us.  Similarly, line-of-business applications, e-mail provisioning and data storage capacity will sit on the iV Cloud.

From this centrally managed Cloud we can also provide a protected web-browser with Internet access controls and centrally controlled Anti-Virus software which is consistent amongst users, always up-to-date and optimised to the best configuration.   Other services include multiple version back-up and data archiving.

The location, processing and management of these applications and services on the iV Cloud eliminates the time your IT management and employees currently spend addressing the software issues outlined above and can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, future hardware expenditure required to bring systems based on the traditional model up-to-date in terms of processing power and operating systems.

Control and flexibility is simplified with your wishes on user access to applications and adding or removing or restricting certain users rapidly implemented by us.  New Windows-based applications can be added and provided to relevant users quickly and seamlessly.

The iV Cloud service brings the added benefit of anytime, anywhere access to your applications via a broadband connection from a PC in your office, a laptop out of the office and wireless mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. As long as you can connect to the Internet via broadband, you can access your applications and data.

On their device screens, users see an up-to-date Windows 7 desktop and convenient icons giving them instant access to their critical applications. There is continuity in the feel of the applications, but increased usability and accessibility using the latest applications and improved, consistent file management, storage and back-up.  The business benefits through increased efficiency, security of data, reduced fire-fighting time and reduced expenditure.

The iV Cloud Solution

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