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Cloud IT is Green IT

Moving to the cloud will reduce your organisation’s  own carbon foot print simply because your on premise energy consumption (and therefore carbon emissions) has been shifted to our iV Cloud. Here there is also a net  carbon reduction due to increased utilisation of virtualised servers (where large

physical servers are divided into smaller logical servers)

using most of the available capacity very efficiently.

Simply put,

your company can claim

to adopt a Green IT policy

if you move to the iV Cloud.

Lean, Keen and Green

For every £ spent on hardware

in a data centre, 50p is spent on the

energy to power the system. So…

Be Lean: Capacity-On-Demand, Scalable,

Virtual Data Centres shared between

Companies. We do that.

Be Keen: Save on Power Costs.

You’ll do that.

Be Green. We’ll all do that.

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