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Our expertise is in the provision of anytime, anywhere access to your corporate office and line-of-business applications to all of your employees’ desktops instantly from

the iV Cloud.

Having partnerships with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, VMware,  Rackspace, Amazon, Google and OpSource, who operate international, multi-location Tier 3 Data Centres, allows us to offer an enterprise-class Cloud service.  

The comprehensive redundancy, security and back-up systems give absolute peace of mind.

Our service improves the quality and usability of your important business applications, whilst removing much of the hassle of running, maintaining, licensing and

upgrading your existing IT hardware and software.  You will save significant and often unexpected expenditure and unwanted demands on IT management time.

Our service is fully elastic and can expand exactly in line with your business growth, avoiding the need to maintain surplus, just-in-case IT capacity.  The monthly

Pay-As-You-Go billing model ensures you only pay for the users you actually have.

Accessing your applications from the iV Cloud is not only a way to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively for the benefit of users individually and the business as a whole, but the benefits of increased usability, accessibility, security, flexibility and expense avoidance, combined with the increasing danger of regular software and hardware obsolescence and unexpected office disasters convinces many that:

Why should you choose i-Virtuals?

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